Monday, April 7, 2008

Saturday: Dipping on birds for my state and life list

I went out with a couple buddies on Saturday, hoping to get to see or at least hear some Ruffed Grouse at Tar Hollow State Park in southeastern Ohio. No such luck. We did get our first Louisiana Waterthrush of the year, with obliging views. I just missed adding Marsh Wren to my life list at a nearby swampy area - it was singing, but I just felt weird adding this bird when I knew I could probably see it as well. As my friend Brad said, "The hormones aren't flowing yet." I may go back on the 19th and try for both the grouse and wren again. The day wasn't a bust, it was beautiful out and I had my first Ohio Field Sparrow, Purple Martin, Swamp Sparrow, Golden-crowned Kinglet and Hermit Thrushes for the year, and we ended the trip by looking at some Great Horned Owls in a nest.

I just made my reservation for the Dry Tortugas ferry for my Florida birding adventure. Our first stop on the trip has the good possibility of netting me at least an even dozen life birds. I'm kinda starting to twitch already...

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