Thursday, April 24, 2008

Getting close to Florida time

Tomorrow marks two weeks from the start of my Florida birding trip. This will be my first week-long birding adventure that I've ever taken. Previously, the longest stretch of time I've spent that was solely devoted to birding was a three-day weekend a couple years ago in New Jersey. That trip was originally meant to be a pelagic outing, but the company canceled the trip due to heavy seas while we were already halfway to New Jersey, so we just went ahead and birded the coast.

This trip promises to be exhilirating, with tons of life birds awaiting me. I think at a bare minimum I will add 20 life birds and three ABA region birds to my list, but I bet I'll double those numbers, as I'm going to be traveling with some really good birders. I'm still figuring out the best way to pay for the trip - Bush's $600 bribe, I mean rebate, will cover most of it but that check will probably not arrive until after the trip. I may just take some money out of savings and replace it with the federal bribe money.

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