Friday, April 24, 2009

Wow -two months between posts!

I guess fatherhood will do that to you. I didn't do a whole lot of birding in the last two months, but I have done some quality birding! First off, I picked up another life bird last Saturday, Smith's Longspur (ABA 459) near Rockford, Ohio (Making it Ohio 301). A good sized flock of birds was feeding in a corn field and many birders got to see them. On the same day, I finally got my Ohio Eurasian Collared-Dove (302) and as a great bonus, the bird we saw was carrying nesting material. This observation, it turns out, is the best breeding evidence yet for these birds in Ohio, so there's a little bit of ornithological history that I got to be a part of.

Of course, there's lows with the highs: I was unable to get away to see Ohio's first record Golden-crowned Sparrow, and Ohio's second Mountain Bluebird. Funnily enough, it was pretty much work that got in the way of me going after these birds, not parenthood!

Tomorrow is the big warbler day for me - the Columbus Avids annual end of April trip to Shawnee State Forest near Portsmouth. And we're going to have a nice sunny day. AND - there's been a huge wave of migrants that just showed up last night, so they should be dripping off the trees down there! I'm nearly giddy with anticipation, especially since I haven't seen even a Yellow-rumped Warbler this year.

Well, hopefully I will get off my ass and post some more this weekend about the Shawnee trip, and perhaps not let months go by between posts again!