Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm in Indiana

Not birding, but for work. Still, when you are an archaeologist, you tend to get to work outside every now and then, and the last two days have been spent walking up and down a field in Gibson County, looking for artifacts. I don't get much chance to look at birds on this sort of project, since I'm staring at the ground most of the time, but I do get to hear them, and that got me a couple of good birds today - an early Eastern Wood-Pewee in the wooded area next to the field, and a singing Western Meadowlark. Now, if I can only get that Western Meadowlark to follow me back to Ohio so I can stick him on my state list...

I also kept my eyes out for Eurasian Collared Dove, but so far, no luck. We finished our first round of fieldwork today. We're supposed to come out again next week to finish surveying the rest of the area after the rains come and go again. Perhaps then I'll get that bird, although I'd rather get it in Ohio.

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