Friday, April 6, 2007

Welcome to Semipalmated Llama, a blog about birding and related topics

Howdy! My name is Andy Sewell and I started this blog as a way to specifically share my experiences as a birder. The blog will mainly focus on my birding trips, what I've seen, and my thoughts on birding topics in general, along with some minor deviations from the topic.

I live in Columbus, Ohio and am a member of a group of birders associated with Columbus Audubon known as the Avids (short for Avid Birders). I'm an archaeologist, which gets me out in the field as part of my job, and I'm known to always have a small pair of binoculars on me.

I first started birding when I was in fourth grade, but dropped it as a hobby about the time I started driving. I birded infrequently off and on through the next 15 years, until a chance encounter with an enthusiastic birder at a conference in Oceanside, California, a few years ago re-ignited the spark, and I took to birding again with a passion.

To date, I have 343 birds on my life list, the most recent being Fish Crow. I am not a fanatical lister, but I do use the eBird application provided by Cornell for entering my sightings, which conveniently allows me to see ABA, AOU and World lists as well as state and county lists, which is fun.

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