Monday, August 13, 2007

Slow birding lately

I haven't been able to really get out much lately, what with family visiting and household duties. I did manage to get out yesterday morning and look at some shorebirds, but didn't see anything I hadn't seen already this year. I guess I just missed the Little Blue Heron at Hoover Reservoir.

I'm missing my monthly Avids trip next Saturday as we are going to my cousin's "Murder Mystery Dinner Party" and although it's in the evening, the Avids' destination is too far away for me to make it back to Columbus and then to Dayton in time. Oh well.

I may try and make it out one of these afternoons, but one of the things I am finding about being married is that I have to take into account the needs of my wife when planning these things, since we are a one-car family. I can't just hop into the car and spend a couple hours birding after work like I used to. Hence, my birding blog may go through periods of inactivity as I may not have as much time to bird as I used to.

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