Tuesday, July 31, 2007

#363: Lark Sparrow in an unusual location

So, latest life bird was a Lark Sparrow, possibly two, that I observed on my way home from work Thursday before leaving for Atlanta to move the rest of my wife's possessions to our new home.

The birds were reported to be hanging out in a scrubby area near a Lowe's hardware store in south Columbus, near a seasonal wetland. I heard one singing, and caught a glimpse of a juvenile bird skulking about in some weeds. It's possible they bred here, but they could also be early migrants. In any case, Lark Sparrows in Columbus is almost unheard of.

The day after I saw them, some other folks went there and saw one bird, but then confirmed breeding Blue Grosbeaks, which is also unheard of for Columbus. So the moral is: check those vacant lots!

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