Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in review

Well, 2009 was the year of birding with baby for me. Not my top year of birding, but not too shabby considering I probably averaged getting out to seriously bird once a month, whereas in the last couple of years it was more like once a week. No major birding trips like last year as well, as I did not attend any family reunions or conferences in new birding regions for me. Here's the numbers and highlights:

Year list: 226 ABA area, 214 for Ohio
Life list: ABA area is up to 464 species.
Life birds added: ABA area-6 (Smith's Longspur, Golden-winged Warbler, Trumpeter Swan (countable in MI), Northern Wheatear, Harlequin Duck, Dovekie).
Ohio birds added: 5 (Smith's Longspur, Golden-winged Warbler, Eurasian Collared-Dove, White Ibis, Northern Wheatear)

Last year, in comparison, I had 416 ABA area birds, 277 Ohio birds, 137 life birds, and 15 Ohio birds. Of course, last year was my top year birding so far, so it's perhaps not a fair comparison...

In addition, I added 26 birds to my Massachusetts list this year through being out in the woods doing fieldwork in September and October, plus my one day of birding in December during the holidays. I also added 19 birds to my Michigan list, 7 birds to my Indiana list, and kicked off a Connecticut list with 16 birds.

My goals for the coming year are to work on my Ohio list, with my main targets being Ruffed Grouse, Little Gull, Connecticut Warbler, Cattle Egret, and Pomerine Jaeger. I'll be going to a family reunion somewhere this coming year as well, and if it's in St. Louis, I'll be going after the Eurasian Tree Sparrow for my life list. Otherwise, it's pretty much up in the air, as I have no major travel plans ahead.

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